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NorthStar Wellness believes in supporting the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. 

Recognizing life can be hectic, finding time to take care of your emotional and mental health may not always take top priority. By visiting this site, you’ve already shown courage by contemplating seeking professional help to assist you in working through (not around) your problems.

Psychotherapy and counselling provide an opportunity for change, growth and healing. In a safe environment and building on a foundation of warmth and empathy, our therapeutic relationship will provide an opportunity to focus on your strengths. In the process of change, however, there can also be considerable anxiety, distress or fear. It’s natural to feel this way when attempting something new. One of the goals of therapy is to support you through this process.

Perhaps you already have an idea where you need help, or maybe things just aren’t working for you and you’re not sure why. Therapy can provide hope by: helping you gain a better understanding of what’s happening, teaching you ways to overcome or manage symptoms, and exploring root causes.

Through compassionate, creative, and developmentally appropriate interventions, NorthStar Wellness promotes skills and abilities of children, youth, and adults to thrive at home, school or work.


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NorthStar Wellness

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NOTE:  There are stairs and, if mobility is a challenge for you, please let me know and an alternate location may be arranged.