We all need a safe place to share what’s happening in our lives in order to get some perspective. 

Sessions may include examining attitudes, thoughts, feelings, patterns, and behaviours related to:

  • longstanding hurts
  • domestic violence and/or abuse
  • cultural differences
  • aging
  • establishing healthy boundaries
  • spiritual struggles
  • communication strategies
  • marital relations (including separation/divorce/blended families)
  • emotional challenges (anxiety, fear, sadness, anger)
  • grief and loss
  • career
  • perfectionism 
  • family of origin issues
  • sexuality 
  • guilt/shame
  • self-esteem
  • communication 
  • life transitions (adulthood, marriage, parenthood, divorce, death of loved one, retirement, relocation, new employment, illness)
  • stress 
  • goal-setting
  • relationships (family, work, friends, romantic)
  • self-care
  • aging (retirement, identity, end of life)


See FAQ’s/Privacy Confidentiality regarding exceptions.

See About Allyson/How I do what I do regarding possible therapeutic interventions