Our Agreement


By choosing to work with me, I endeavor to:

  • provide a safe, welcoming environment
  • keep our conversations private, unless there is an exception (See What about confidentiality?)
  • be open and honest with you
  • listen, without judgment
  • help you prioritize your goals (not mine)
  • encourage you to accept responsibility for how you live your life
  • treat you with respect
  • instill hope
  • provide mutual accountability
  • work together with you to help you find solutions or ways to cope with your problems
  • address underlying issues rather than only superficial symptoms
  • refer you to someone else who will be able to assist you, if you are struggling with something that is beyond my professional limits, or you would prefer to see another therapist 
  • provide 48 hours’ notice of cancellations, except due to sickness or emergency. I will inform you of any planned absences that may interrupt your scheduled appointments.


You deserve:

  • to be treated with dignity, care, and respect
  • to be heard in a non-judgmental manner
  • to have your questions answered
  • to provide feedback
  • to address unethical behaviour with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
  • to terminate therapy any time you wish. It is recommended that this be discussed with the therapist prior to making the final decision in order to discuss the advisability and possible consequences.


You are expected to:

  • come to your session on the scheduled date and time. If you are late, we will still end on time and not continue over into the next person’s session.
  • be open and honest and committed to change
  • sign a contract for counselling services, as well as a therapeutic contract regarding specific goals